About Dorian

Dorian is a professionally trained actor as well as a published editorial and runway model. His acting training began at the Everyman Theater in Baltimore Maryland with Bruce Nelson and Heather Moyer. In addition  to the Everyman Theater, Dorian also works with the McKinnon Acting Studio to refine his acting Skills. With development training focusing on character study, scene breakdowns and improv, it has lead him to be featured in lead roles on television, film and theater productions. These projects have landed him roles in featrued films & television networks such as ABC, NBC, BET, TV One, Amazon Prime, off-Broadway Theater and Film Festivals. 

As a brand ambassador for designer Christopher Schafer it has lead to a number of fashion shows throughout the industry as well as promotional photo shoots, websites and marketing for the clothier, as well as other brands.  He has collaborated with photographers from L.A. to N.Y., including Jermaine Gibbs, Valentina Massa, Nichole Beatty, Curtis Blank & Jonathan Mount to name a few. 

In addition to acting & modeling, Dorian has also co-hosted web series such as What's Hot Baltimore and the Billy Rae Valentine Show & the Billy Rae Valentine podcast.  He has also been a regular featured guest The Nerdpocalypse and Black on Black Cinema podcasts as well as other online multimedia productions. 

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Dorian Christian

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